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Come along your kids for some free face painting, slime making & meet our teachers
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MARCH 2020

Welcome to the Liverpool Fairfield Local Child Care & Services Directory newsletter. 

This month we welcome

read all about these great services below.

This month’s parent resource is about kids and poisons, including types of poising, poison information number and helpful tips to keep your little ones safe from poisoning as well as some quick suggestions to help if you find your child has been exposed to poison a must read for every family.

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Grace Childcare and Early Learning Centre is small family orientated centre catering to families of the Bossley Park since 2011. 

The Early Learning Centre offers both an indoor and outdoor learning environment encouraging each child to grow, discover, stimulate their creativity and foster their interests and uniqueness. Their educators view each child as an individual and play an active role in nurturing their wellbeing and sense of identity to become confident learners. 

A fundamental foundation in each child’s education is understanding their requirements. At Grace Early Learning Centre one of the most important aspects is the partnership we establish with each family. Families are valued for their participation, involvement and partnership. You will be encouraged to share your expectations, thoughts and ideas. Our service values and encourages relationships that promote collaboration and communication allowing each child to blossom and reach their full potential.  

Grace Child Care and Early Learning Centre offers care for children aged 2 to 5 years old.   Contact us for more information.

Scribbles and Giggles Childcare Centre journey began in 2007 when we opened our doors for the first time to families in the Rydalmere community. With four locations and rapidly growing we are a family-owned and-operated long day care for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 6 years.

We go above and beyond to provide a high quality, secure and fun environment for children of our community where they can develop intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills in their own unique way. Our centres allow children to learn and grow through play-based learning and encourage their active involvement so they can be the leaders of their own play.

Our program supports the 3 interwoven concepts of “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and is guided to achieve the 5 learning outcomes of Early Years Learning Framework; Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication.

We are known for our passion and commitment to quality care and our educators endeavor to enhance all aspects of a child’s development through stimulating, nurturing, and interactive experiences during the most important stage, “the early years”.

We believe in being highly involved with our community and we thrive to make our families feel welcomed, recognised, and acknowledged. Our educators along with our management team encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s learning experience and we strive to be the link between home and care to provide a nurturing and positive environment for children while meeting the needs of their families.  Contact us for more information.

Liverpool Early Learning Centre is a family run, purpose-built Long Day Care Centre that welcomes children from the ages of 2 to 5 years.
We also offer an outside school hour care (OSHC) program for children attending Primary Schools.   Contact us for more information.

All Areas Family Day Care was established in 2013.  It is a new approved service catering to the needs of the community to provide quality home-based child care in all of the Greater Sydney Suburbs.

Our Vision:  Creating a Community of Families.  “United We Grow”

Philosophy Statement: All Areas Family Day Care statement of philosophy will guide our interactions with children, Educators, staff, parents and the community.

We Believe:

  • We believe in fostering the relationships children have with their family.  We acknowledge that the family is the most important connection a child has and support them in their individual desires for their child’s care, development and learning.  We encourage all families to become involved in their child’s program on a regular basis.  
  • We value the unique care opportunities that Family Day Care provides to the community and the need to offer families high quality and flexible care for their children.
  • We understand the importance and value of play in a child’s development and acknowledge that play enables children to enjoy, participate, learn, practice, experiment and learn new skills.
  • We believe in embracing the cultural diversity of the community we live in, where values, rights are respected and understanding and empathy are encouraged.  We acknowledge that cultural diversity relates to gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, customs, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.
  • We believe that children need to be educated about the importance of the natural world and show them how to sustain natural resources, use products wisely and understand the impact we have on the world we live in.  We will focus on making a difference wherever we can, from the Coordination Unit through to the Educators’ homes.
  • We believe in the Early Years Learning Framework and uphold the ideas of Belonging, Being and Becoming as a way to create holistic approaches towards every child in care.

Contact us to find out all about our educators in your local area.

Imaginations Preschool & Early Learning Centre  “It is the little things that count!”

Imaginations Pre-School is a boutique early childhood learning centre that provide a learning platform for your child in their early years of study. We believed in building a strong learning foundation for your child to provide a great head start for your child’s future.

At Imaginations Pre-school we believe strongly in commitment to offering a service to parents/carers and the community which reflects their needs and provides the very best of individualised education and care for children aged 0-6 years old. The environment will be warm and welcoming with positive feelings of safety, love and attentive care so that parents are happy to leave their children and the children are enthusiastic and content to spend their time with us.

Contact us for more information.

Kinderland Academy Liverpool is a brand new purpose built long day care centre, licensed for 29 children aged between 6 weeks to 6 years.

Our philosophy is to provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment in which children are able to develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.
Our School Readiness program will ensure that your child transitions to school with confidence, self-esteem and lots of friends!!

Kinderland Academy is a family operated long daycare centre with a foundation to provide your children with the tools necessary to develop their strengths and grow. The Directors of Kinderland are parents with young children of their own, hence they understand the importance of providing quality and personalised care for the safety and wellbeing of your children.   Contact us for more information.

The aim of Young Achievers Early Learning Centre  is to nurture young Australian dreams and as such, we believe that a firm foundation, built in the critical years of early childhood will provide a springboard for later confidence following the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ supporting children in Belonging, Being and Becoming. We hope that this confidence will allow the children to move into primary school with a sense of self-esteem that will allow them to perceive learning as a journey and a challenge, not something to be feared but rather, embraced.
As a working mother, I understand that parents find that their position is not very different to that of a juggler's. They have the juggler’s balls of "partners", "management", "deadlines", "finance", and most importantly, "children" constantly floating and in need of their attention. I also understand that your children are your most precious assets and their future is more important to you than all the jewels in the world, whilst I know that children are children and they are most beautiful when they laugh and play, I believe that as teachers in early childhood, we need to provide them with a stepping stone to the future they dream of. My goal for each child passing through these doors is that their time here will be filled with educational fun and through the carefully planned activities; they will grow to love learning and smile through life.
Contact us for more information.

Begin Bright centres provide School Readiness and Primary Tutoring Programs, enriching the lives of children through the power of learning!

Designed in Australia and modelled on the objectives outlined by the Australian National Curriculum, Begin Bright offers a set of programs designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills for their school life and beyond.

Our goal is to help children to become happy, smart and confident, establishing a life-long love of learning.

With centres nationwide, find out how Begin Bright can help your child reach their full potential.   Contact us for more information.

MindChamps Early Learning Kemps Creek
MindChamps Early Learning West Hoxton 1
MindChamps Early Learning West Hoxton 2
MindChamps Early Learning West Hoxton 3

2 weeks free for you!
Enrol with MindChamps before 31 March and receive 2 weeks free childcare plus pay zero bond*

The world is changing and childcare needs to change with it. Developed with the latest Australian research in education, psychology, neuroscience and theatre the MindChamps’ approach connects all areas of child development to create a holistic early learning experience.
MindChamps Early Learning Centres and Preschools’ philosophy is based on instilling three critical minds – the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind and the Creative Mind – into every child, to foster future success in school and in life.

Our unique approach to Early Learning offers the strongest foundations for children from 0-6 years to prepare them for the ever-changing demands of the 21st century.

MindChamps’ proven curriculum creates confident, compassionate life-long learners with the best chance of success in all areas of life.
Ensure your child reaches their full potential. Book a tour today to learn more about our unique programmes and approach!

Each new Champ will receive an enrolment pack valued at up to $280!

Our Champs get:
A MindChamps bomber jacket
A bucket hat
Our MindChamps backpack
Two school uniforms (for our pre-schoolers)
A complimentary Stay & Play Session (up to 2 hours)

Book a tour today at

Kindyhub    Beginning Kindergarten can be an anxious time for children and parents alike. Use Kindyhub to put families’ minds at ease.

Starting kindy can involve children being anxious and scared and parents can feel the same way. There can be separation anxiety, the stress of making new friends, a new environment to deal with, and a new daily routine.

It’s not just the children that are worried – it can be a time of stress for parents too. Is your little one going to be happy? Is this the best kindergarten for them? Are they having their snacks / meals / naps on time? Are the children doing activities at kindy that are beneficial and most importantly, are they having fun!?

 Read more here  KINDYHUB SPECIAL OFFER  Any new services that sign up to Kindyhub before 31st March 2020, will receive 20% off their monthly invoices for 6 months.

Experience Kindyhub first hand and see how our features can assist your services and families.   Click here to book a demonstration or free trial


Kids and Poisons

In New South Wales, every year thousands of children need medical care for poisoning from products commonly found in and around the home. Most accidental poisonings occur to children younger than five, with children aged one to three at greatest risk.

Why are children more likely to be poisoned?

Young children are exploring their world and will put anything in their mouths. They also like to imitate what others do, including taking medications.

What can be poisonous to your child?

Medicines, cleaning, laundry, gardening and car products, insecticides, perfumes, paint, plants, insects and many others.

How can you prevent a poisoning?

  • Store medicines and chemicals out of sight and reach of children, at least 1.5 metres off the ground and in a locked child resistant container.
  • Use medicines and chemicals safely. Follow given instructions and return them to safe storage immediately after use. 
  • Buy products in child resistant containers and use child resistant locks on cupboards or cabinets that store poisons. You can buy these at many hardware stores. 
  • Ensure all products are stored in original containers and are clearly labelled. Regularly dispose of unwanted and out of date medicines by taking them to your nearest pharmacy for safe disposal. 
  • Don't call medicines 'lollies'. 
  • Check that the plants in your garden are not poisonous
For more information on the prevention of poisoning, call Kids Health, The Children's Hospital at Westmead on (02) 9845 3585.

First Aid for poisoning

Swallowed poison
Do not try to make the patient vomit.
Pick up the container and take to the telephone.
Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26

Poison on the skin
Remove contaminated clothing, taking care to avoid contact with the poison.
Flood the skin with cool running water.
Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26

Poison in the eye
Flood the eye with water from a cup, jug or slowly running tap.
Continue for 10-15 minutes, holding the eyelids open.
Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26

Inhaled poison
Get the person to fresh air quickly without placing yourself at risk.
Open doors and windows wide, if safe to do so.
Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26

Other reasons to call the Poisons Information Centre
To obtain correct first aid advice for poisoning or bites and stings.  To answer any questions you may have about preventing a poisoning, first aid for a poisoning and information about the toxicity of products and plants.

Dispose of "out of date" and unwanted materials responsibly. A free and safe disposal service is periodically provided through the CleanOut program. To find out about the next CleanOut event in your area contact your local council, telephone the Environment Line on 131 555, or visit  Extract from

Disclaimer: This is for education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professional to make sure this information is right for your child. 
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